People that get to see a picture rarely gets to realize the art form that most picture taking has turned itself into.  Rarely is a picture a product of just a simple press of the camera button.  The need to be as expressive yet still remain open to interpretations is what sets the best works from the many offerings that come about in any given field.  There is also the added effect of form and light that gets to combine with each viewer to bring on the best in terms of effects.  

colored photography

The mono-chrome print

Photographs were first introduced by being done in the black and white.  So using shades of white and grey became important in the field than with the luxury of colors.  This is where lightening that was specific to a situation come to good effect as well.  

Today with the very advanced form that photography has taken, it still remains for the humble black and white prints to help most shooters acquire a level of skill exploiting the shades.  It is thus best advisable to start off serious photography with mono chrome prints and to move on from there after a due study.  

The colored picture

When mentioning color to a photographer, it is complicated the different shades possible in each major color group as is the effect of light on each of this shade.  It is best to understand how to create the effects with the shades than to try and master the formation of the shades.  There is bound to be situations when an excess of analysis can lead to complete paralysis of action.  

No doubt a careful study and understanding of a situation is necessary to bring about the perfect control and with it the best presentations.  But it must be stressed that technology must be used as an enabler than an end to itself.  

Digital cameras

A look at taking snaps or pictures is simply not complete without a mention of the digital photography and the advent of digital cameras.  The field in effect got split wide open with the introduction of digital technologies that all but replaced the traditional film cameras.  Considering just the cost benefit alone, it is the quick learner that got to perform in photography in the old days without digital photography.  This is due to the exorbitant cost involved in buying and processing films for the cameras.  

No longer is cost, both in terms of buying a good camera as well as the times that a shot has to be done to get it just correct, a factor in the education of a photographer.  Digital photography has introduced an element of affordability that is not seen in past applications in the field and it has really been ground breaking, so to speak.  

What the future portends

If there has indeed been a discomforting aspect of photography, then it should be the use of the humble mobile phone to execute good snaps.  This is going to be the next frontier as far as photography is concerned and people in the field should take note rather than be caught off guard.